The highlights of the 2021 AGM

Hi everyone,

We’ve just had our AGM (Annual General Meeting) and I wanted to write a quick report with the highlights from last Friday:


This year has, due to the relentless efforts of our unstoppable Events Coordinator and Vice-Chair, seen an unprecedented number of HELTA events. Counting the events that are still to come before the end of the year, HELTA will have put on 13 (THIRTEEN!) events in 2021!

Here they are for your admiration (and regret… in case you didn’t make it to any of them!)

20 Mar: When Journalism meets Language Teaching – Ian McMaster (Business Spotlight)
24 Apr:  How to Write Excellent ELT Materials – Sue Kay
29 May:  Lose Those Words – Edward de Chazal
26 Jun:  Managing Change – Patricia de Griese (DELTA Publishing)
10 Jul: Developing Interpersonal Skills – Chia Suan Chong
31 Jul:  English is Context – Andreas Grundtvig (DELTA Publishing)
28 Aug: HELTA at 40 – anniversary event
11 Sep: Five Things Learners Need to Know About a Word – Julie Moore (Oxford University Press)
23 Oct:  Positive Influence at Work – Mark Powell (joint HELTA/ELTAU event)
Still to Come:
05 Nov: Members‘ Only Webpage Launch
27 Nov: 2nd Inter-ELTA Members‘ Day
10 Dec: HELTA Christmas Party

Members’ Area

Especially in these pandemic times, we at HELTA are looking at different ways to stay in touch and stay connected. In addition to this blog, our regular newsletters, and the Bulletin Board on our website, we are now about to launch a Members-only area  on our website, where each

HELTA members can chat, share teaching tips, find event recordings and job offers, and much more.

Join us at the Launch event this Friday!


The bad news: We had no ‘fresh blood’ candidates stand for election to the committee.

The good news: Our dream-team is continuing on for another term!

Volunteering for HELTA

Though we have a great team and the successful year to show for it, we still need help. There is a lot of work that goes into running HELTA and especially in the run-up for bigger events, we need some helping hands to support the elected committee.

Here are some of the open topics we have to figure out for next year. If you help us, you also get to weigh in on what happens!

We will therefore be reaching out for help more often than we have in the past. Please consider helping us out now and then so that we can continue to put on the high-quality events that you are used to.


As always, the minutes are available to any HELTA member who wishes to see them. Just email us to and we will send them to you.

You can contact HELTA on the contact page.