Rachel Appleby

Event review: Workshop with Rachel Appleby on Speaking Confidently

By Kimberly Oppenheim

Hamburg made a huge impression on Rachel Appleby as she was traveling through our city in her formidable years.  Well, she certainly made an impression on us at her interactive and very engaging workshop on Saturday.

Actually, Rachel provided us with two workshops.

The focus of the first session was to enhance our teaching/coaching of presentation skills.

Rachel presented us with three case studies – students whom she coached to become more confident and competent speakers. This hands-on approach gave us incredible insight into how Rachel tackles many of the same issues we all face in our own teaching/coaching contexts. I really liked her example of the sound scripting – I was transported back to phonetics 101!! Rachel’s tailored approach to individual needs reminded me of how creative and flexible we all can be.

Rachel’s second session was devoted to showing us how we can also be confident speakers.  She shared her 7 Top Tips with us.  She encouraged us to reflect on our potential presentation topic and how we could apply each tip.  For example, the ABCD of Tip 6 (Make a strong start) is really helpful; get the Attention, state the Benefit, why me – street Credibility and explain the Direction.  I will be sure not only to use this for my next presentation, but also for structuring lectures.

Ultimately, Rachel gave us tools to increase our competence as teachers and our confidence as presenters.  So, whether it is answering that call for speakers at the next BESIG conference or for holding a workshop at our own lovely HELTA headquarters – we can now confidently say YES!!!!

We have received some wonderful feedback regarding the workshop, which you can view by clicking here.

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