Inter-ELTA meeting

Two weeks ago, these attractive individuals got together for the annual Inter-ELTA meeting. Inter-ELTA is the association of teaching associations in Germany that HELTA is a member of. Apart from us, there are six other ELTAs:

ELTABB – Berlin and Brandenburg
ELTAF – Frankfurt
ELTAS – Stuttgart
MELTA – Munich
ELTA Rhine

Once a year, committee members of each ELTA get together to talk about their activities, share ideas and find best practices. This year, it was HELTA’s turn to host and so in the picture, you can see us at our trusted venue BMK in Hamburg.

It was a really great day and it was wonderful to meet all of these colleagues from the other ELTAs. We had a lot of discussion about the nitty-gritty of committee work that keeps all of us busy: maintaining websites, engaging members, organising events, and implementing the dreaded GDPR guideline.

Mostly though, we discussed ways to deepen our collaboration in future. We’d like to work more closely together with the other ELTAs when we organise events so that we can share costs for speakers and offer more events to our members. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see the fruits of our labours very soon!

You can contact HELTA on the contact page.