Information and Support for English Teachers

Dear All, we’ve started this post with some information that we have so far about how freelance English teachers will be supported in this time. We will simply keep a collection of links here as more information comes in. This list may also be found on our Facebook page: You can find this post here.

Please post any additional info in the comments below.

Sending good thoughts to everyone. Stay safe!

Finance/Tax Information and Resources


Information from the Handelskammer Hamburg

Information on special loans from IFB Hamburg (German, 26/03/20)

Article from Spiegel (23/03, English):

Page on about the cash “Soforthilfe” for freelancers (German, 19/03/20)

Cash help for self-employed freelancers (in German, MOPO Hamburg 20/03/20):–wer-jetzt-wieviel-bekommt-36439686

Article from Spiegel Online (in English, 20/03/20)

Loans and financial help for self-employed freelancers and small businesses:

Information from the financial office (in English):

Bundesministerium der Finanzen

Tagesspiegel article:

Excerpt Tagesspiegel Article 14.03.2020

Option to apply for for unemployment money or taking a 1% interest credit with the KFW Bank (for this I think you need to have already been working for 5 years)…/Privatpersonen/index-3.html

Here’s the link for supplementary unemployment benefits:

Here’s a template for a letter you can send to your Finanzamt about staying/postponing your tax pre-payments:



Teaching Online

There are countless resources and platforms being shared on how to set up online classrooms. People are sharing materials and collaborating everywhere. The best collection of tips we’ve seen so far is this Padlet page, which takes you through everything you need to know to start teaching using the free software Zoom:

Free course on how to build and market online courses:

Free course on teaching virtually:

HELTA Online Support Call

HELTA is offering a weekly online support call for HELTA members on Friday afternoons. Check your email for the invitation from .

You can contact HELTA on the contact page.