1st Inter-ELTA Members’ Day

  • November 28, 2020
  • 09:45 to 17:15
  • online


Inter-ELTA Members’ Day

28 Nov (Saturday) 09.45 – 17.15 (online)

Full schedule and event info here.

As we slowly come to the end of a year that has gone by with lightning speed, we look back at a year no one of us could have expected nor predicted. We think back on how 21st Century Skill catchphrases like creativity, flexibility and adaptability, and media and technology literacy have become more than comfortably tangible and are now indispensable and dare we say, even refreshing and appreciated aspects, of our day-to-day teaching.

And through all this, what has consistently sustained us, apart from our own indefatigable ability to carry on and make the best of what we have, is our community of teachers and our community of ELTAs.

This past year, we have shared and connected, exchanged information and ideas, and drawn on the collected expertise that has made each of our ELTAs strong and unique. This melding of minds is no more apparent than in our roster of speakers who are presenting for their individual ELTAs and are a veritable Who’s Who of what our community does best.

Today is thus a culmination of what we, sharing and connecting together, can achieve. But we should not only look at this event as a wonderful close to a difficult year; it is a celebration of a wonderful first – the first of more Inter-ELTA Members’ Days in our collective future.


ELTABB (ELTA Berlin-Brandenburg)
ELTAF (ELTA Frankfurt/Rhine-Main-Neckar) ELTA Rhine
ELTAS (ELTA Stuttgart)
ELTAU (ELTA Ulm/Neu-Ulm)
HELTA (Hamburg ELTA)


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