HELTA Members’ Day

  • October 26, 2019
  • 10:00 to 18:30
  • Berufliche Schule für Medien und Kommunikation (BMK), Eulenkamp 46, 22049 Hamburg

The event

On Members’ Day, we explicitly invite members of HELTA to take the stage even (or especially!) if they are not regular presenters. We have received proposals on a wide variety of topics: On top of the seven talks by HELTA members, we have a plenary talk by Tim Phillips. This will be an unmissable full-day event with a pot-luck lunch and a charity raffle!

Please find here our programme for the day:

HELTA Members Day Programme

This event is free for members of HELTA and other ELTAs. Non-members pay 10 EUR (refundable upon joining HELTA). This admission fee covers our pot-luck lunch.

Please let us know what you would like to contribute to the pot-luck when you register for the event. Our favourite members bring their own cups, plates and cutlery and so help us to keep waste from disposable cups and dishes to an absolute minimum! Thank you!

Please feel free to share this event and with your colleagues and don’t forget to register at  or by clicking the REGISTER button at the top. There will be coffee and tea provided. Our favourite members bring their own mugs so that we can save waste!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

This is our schedule for the day. Please download the PDF of the programme if you would like to read about the talks in detail!


Meet and Greet, Tea and coffee


Tim Phillips​: “Stop&Think ‒ Developing Critical Thinking in the English Language Classroom”


Dan Bernauer​: “Using Mentimeter for Wireless Surveys in the Classroom”


Pot-luck lunch break


Vincent Wongaiham-Petersen​: “Back to BESIG, Back to Basics ‒ My BESIG 2019 Highlights”


Greta Denk​: “Using Storytelling in Lessons”


Tea and coffee break


Louise Bulloch​: “How to Make Grammar Teaching Effective, Relevant and…Fun!”


Andreas Grundtvig​: “English is Context ‒ Helping Students Improve Their Pragmatic Competence”


Tea and coffee break


Lawrence Harris​: “Technical English and some New Uses for the Wind Turbines that Blot the Landscape!”


Soph Moeng​: “Poaching from Coaching ‒ What Coaching Techniques Can We Use in the Classroom?”


Charity Raffle for T4S and Jim’s Fantastic Pub Quiz

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