Some impressions from our first face-to-face event in over two years

We had our workshop and said summer bash at the Stadtparkvereinshaus for the very first time last 27 August. And judging by the enthusiasm from all and sundry, this definitely won’t be the last time we’re going to say “Moin” to this lovely location. For it was a summer bash to remember!

Thanks are in order for the cheerful and colorful party deco courtesy of the designer crew (Sarah and me), for the fun workshop courtesy of Anette Igel who really put us to work and got us out of our seats, and then for the phenomenally perfect pies, silky savory sides, fabulously fresh fruit salad, and the dope drinks courtesy of the catering crew (Wilton and Andrew).

We followed this up with a more than challenging four-round quiz and I, the self-appointed quizmaster, was definitely to blame for not making it a walk in the (Stadt-)park! The exhausted winners deservedly got a worthy prize – vouchers to the Stadtparkverein’s first historical Stadtpark-tour in English courtesy of Wilton who will be putting on the historical tour host hat! So if any of you others would want to join this tour or any scheduled for the future, do contact Wilton. He’ll be more than happy to give you more info on this.

Then there was a raffle that left everyone reeling with the amount of goodies to bring home.
Two people even went home with cameras!

All in all, not bad for our first in-person event in the CE (Corona Era).

So thank you to all who attended and made it a success.

And if you weren’t able to make it, never fear. This location hasn’t seen the last of us. We’re definitely going back. And next time, we’ll be with you!

You can contact HELTA on the contact page.