Event review of HELTA workshop with Khan-Duc Kuttig

An entertaining workshop followed by an Oktoberfest style candle-lit dinner under the Hamburg stars

Written by Rosie Siemsen

We enjoyed a wonderful September afternoon and evening at the Stadtparkvereinshaus, combining a workshop on personalised creativity with our annual summer do.

Firstly Khanh-Duc Kuttig took us through some innovative ways to make teaching more personal to students, giving them the opportunity to use the language in a more meaningful and realistic way. Strategies such as asking students to think of questions that they would like their partner to ask them, writing chain stories, potato talks, and more were all introduced to us as ideas to achieve this. We were able to try out these strategies and everyone agreed that they were fun, useful and would be successful in our teaching, regardless of age or stage of learning.

We then moved on into party-mode. The oom-pah-band (a well-curated playlist) started up and out came the ‘Helles’ beer, costumes, blue and white decorations, and food. There was something on the buffet for everyone: from Weißwurst and Leberkäse to vegan fare and veggie lasagne. As the sun set over the Stadtpark, we were able to sit down outside and enjoy a candle-lit supper on this warm September evening. There was a mini quiz all about Oktoberfest including trivia such as ‘Why is Oktoberfest celebrated in September’ and ‘apron etiquette’. The winners received their own Lebküchenherz to take home. We also had the chance to read out the funny chain stories that we had collectively written during the afternoon workshop. Late in the evening, we all tidied up (much appreciated!) and we went home agreeing it had been a fun and successful day.


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