Of Socks and Men

This is Andrew writing about our event last Friday:

Having reached the ripe old age that I am, I thought I had experienced most things in life, but, spending a Friday evening sitting listening to a woman describe her passion for socks was a new one for me.

There wasn’t anything untoward about this, it was just part of a fun, informative and thought-provoking evening with Jon Wright. His workshop, Creative Speaking Activities for Effective Communication, taught us to look at the criteria needed for successful speaking activities with plenty of opportunity to talk.

And this is what other members had to say:

“It’s really a remarkable man! I definitely think he gave us a number of inspirations what to do when you want to do things differently for a change. At school the written part always takes up a big part of the time so that it is great to have some better ideas what to do in the speaking part and especially it made me aware of why there are traps and which traps there are.” – Antje Strunck

“Loved this evening. A huge thank you to the committee members and Jon. It was fantastic.” – Wendy Pirie

Thank you Jon and everyone who attended! Here are some of the photos I took:

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