Boy, did we exploit those images!

Hi all,

Writing this to share a few highlights from last weekend’s workshop event: “Exploiting Images” with Gabriel Clark.

The bad news: for those of you who weren’t there – you missed a truly fantastic workshop!

The good news: the committee is currently looking into the possibility of webcasting events so this could well be the last HELTA event you ever missed! (More on this soon!)

Gabriel’s workshop was a blast. Drawing on well-established mnemonic techniques such as ‘dual coding’ and ‘the keyword method’, Gabriel showed us how to help our students remember vocabulary better using memorable images and (preferably absurd) association. If you’re interested, check out this clip of Soph and Vincent illustrating how they used the keyword method to memorise Russian vocab.

Here are a few photos from the event and a gallery of some of the doodles we came up with. Such a fun workshop!

Find Gabriel here:

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