Wendy Pirie

Originally from Manchester, I’ve now been in Hamburg for over 30 years
although quite where all the time has gone is a mystery. Leaving the UK armed
with little more than a degree and an RSA Prep. Cert. TEFLA (yes – it was a
looong time ago) and absolutely zero experience, I started teaching English at
a private language school. It was one of the teachers there who introduced me
to HELTA and I’ve enjoyed being a member ever since.

Over the years, I’ve worked at the VHS, in companies and at universities in
Hamburg. I’m currently employed by a private university north of Hamburg but,
regardless of where I’ve worked, HELTA has always been a constant for me. I
love being able to meet up with like-minded people in what feels like an
extended staffroom, I love what it offers, what it stands for and now I’m
excited to be on the committee to see it from the inside and offer my support.