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Technical English should be recognised as a serious branch of ESP

By Lawrence Harris (HELTA)

In this article I have tried to put over the argument for the title, based on things which students have said to me, my own observations within a teaching environment, and the actual reality in the workplace.

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Teaching the Learner to Learn Workshop

Reviewed by Janine Bray-Müller (Helta)

Presented by Alexandra Haas, VHS Siegburg

Saturday, 28th June 2008
Sprachenschule Independencia, Hamburg

Alexandra Haas (VHS Siegburg) presented her workshop like her favourite Italian quote: Adesso pedali! She told us roughly translated it meant 'you've got the bicycle so start pedalling!'

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How can television reality shows fire up your Business English for Presentations courses?

Reviewed by Lawrence Harris

Helta presentation by Elbie Picker
Friday, 15 February 2008 at Tandem Language School, Hamburg

The Dragons' Den: a multi-functional teaching concept based on this popular TV series
Following Helta's AGM, the ever-creative Business English trainer and Helta member, Ms Elbie Picker, gave those attending an exciting and inspiring audio-visual presentation of how she has adapted the challenging Dragons' Den television reality show to her English teaching lesson plan portfolio.

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Noble English

By Tom Martini (Helta)

The King James Version of the Bible has sometimes been termed the noblest monument of English prose and was and is the inspiration for many a poet: take my favourite John Milton’s Paradise Lost, or Lessing’s Nathan der Weise. While I now longer go to church unless stirring hymns are guaranteed I cherish my fifty-year-old copy of the King James Bible. When I refer to it from time to time I am mindful of the instruction received during my Quaker days in London, that one should read the Bible in the spirit in which it was written, not mainly to criticize the good book but to listen, not merely to question but to be challenged.

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