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Presentation of the New Market Leader 3rd Edition

by author David Cotton
Reviewed by Marie Dixon Frisch (HELTA)

"Neither rain, nor storm, nor wind, nor sleet..."

Not even a volcanic eruption could keep him from us. David Cotton endured considerable delay and inconvenience to make it to Hamburg School of English on Friday, 23 April 2010. In his opening anecdote, he recounted the 14-hour trip across chaotic Europe, with jammed trains and crowded ferries resulting from the air traffic stop all over the continent.

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GRUNDTVIG: Go for it!

Marie Dixon Frisch (Helta)

We're never too old to learn. As dedicated educators, we're well aware of this, but sometimes society forgets. The Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) is the European Commission's umbrella for educational and training programmes. The aim is not only to remind us of the value of lifelong learning, but also to encourage and facilitate cultural and educational exchange, innovation and dissemination of best practices in education.

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Review of The Pyramid Group's "Introduction to Teaching English for Legal Purposes"

Reviewed by Janine Bray-Müller (Helta)

Venue: 7 - 11 September 20091 in Römer Villa in Neu Ulm, Germany.

What is the Introduction to Teaching English for Legal Purposes course about?

What is the course about? It's about informing teachers who want to teach English to people practicing law or who are learning law (law students and paralegals). As early as the first day, it became clear that teaching English for legal purposes also involved teaching business people working with legal texts such as contracts, commercial law, etc.

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An interview with Pete Sharma

in June 2009
Reviewed by Janine Bray-Müller (Helta)

List of abbreviations used in text


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Dyslexia in the classroom

by Lawrence Harris (HELTA)

Dyslexia is a condition where people have difficulty reading. It is not a visual impairment, but rather one of mentally processing anything written.

I became aware of this condition while teaching at a technical school where one or two students who had previously been manual workers were having difficulty with their lessons. Things were becoming very difficult for one student after atrocious examination results. I will call this student Ulla, an intelligent woman and a talented welder, who was now becoming deeply upset by her situation in the school. She confided to me that she was dyslexic (Legestenie), and informed me that another student in the class also had this problem.

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