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Creating a Personal Learning Network

HELTA workshop with HELTA's Chair, Andi White
Adler Apotheke, Hamburg on February 18, 2011
Reviewed by Mike Hogan (HELTA Events Committee)

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Bringing Images Alive in the Classroom

HELTA workshop with Jamie Keddie
Sprachschule Independencia, Hamburg on October 9, 2010
Review by Mike Hogan (HELTA Events Committee)

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Teaching pronunciation: more teacher talking time, please!

By Tom Martini (HELTA)

Who was it that said to me at lunchtime this July that the disappearance of language labs was the "greatest loss in language teaching in recent decades"? And that this development showed how the "dogmatic manner" of the communicative approach to learning had done away with some perfectly sensible methods? Find out below!

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OUP Forum Day

with Cornelsen and Oxford University Press
5 June 2010, at Indepencia in Hamburg

Reviewed by Janine Bray-Mueller (HELTA)

Steve Martin in The Pink Panther has to learn the "terrible American accent" and engages "Sophie, the best pronunciation teacher in the world" to do this. A hilarious 1.54 minutes where Sophie - with commendable discipline - teaches Steve Martin how to pronounce "I would like to buy a hamburger"1.

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Kill two birds with one stone

Reviewed by Lawrence Harris (HELTA)

A Helta workshop presented by Evan Frendo on the theme of intercultural relations: "Doing business in Asia"

关系"Fourteen is fourteen and fifty is fifty..." goes an old Chinese proverb...

People are different and nowhere more so than on taking that trip on a magic carpet, the Jumbo jet, to the farthest corners of the earth from our European perspective, though from theirs, to the centre of the world. So ran the vein throughout Evan's presentation on Asian intercultural attitudes based on his personal experiences in the Far East.

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