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Whose improvisational Line is it anyway?

Reviewed by Alicia Kerns, HELTA member

On Friday April 19th, 2013 HELTA held its annual AGM with warm-up event "Motivating your English classes by improvising" presented by HELTA member Wilton Mills. Wilton used a range of media to present his idea of using techniques from improvisational theatre (improv) to bring a fresh breeze to English classes for the Spring.  First, he introduced the idea of improv as not all participants were familiar with the term. Have you ever watched the TV show "Whose line is it anyway"? If so, then that's improv, if not then follow this link and you should get the idea.

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Using BEC Exam preparation ideas to teach the four Skills in business English

Teaching the four skills is a given in any language class and they have long been part of standard curriculum. Business English teachers may find that the materials used for general English classes do not always directly apply to the needs of their students and corporate clients however. In this workshop we will look at some of the exam tasks

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A teacher training day

1-Revolutionising your classroom with screen capture 1.5 hours

This is the talk that Russell has now given in over 20 countries. Screen capture software is perhaps the singular most powerful tool that teachers can make use of in the language classroom. It can revolutionise feedback , reflection and even speaking work. In this presentation Russell will look at a range of tools that can be used and

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A Conversation with James Schofield

James Schofield has taught business English in several countries in Asia and Europe and worked for various organisations including the British Council. He now works as a trainer and course organiser for Siemens in Munich. He has written general English and business English course books as well as graded readers for different publishers. He also writes the short stories for Business Spotlight.

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Teaching Intercultural Competence in English - How Do You Do It?

HELTA workshop with Judith Mader (ELTAF) and Rudi Camerer (ELTAF)
Sprachschule Independencia,
Hamburg on 14 May 2011

Reviewed by Janine Bray-Mueller (HELTA Editor)

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