HELTA 'TECHIE' WORKSHOP (with Wilton Mills and Louise Kennedy)


Clouds, Tubes and Potatoes
Presented by Wilton Mills
(60 mins)
Wilton will be presenting a workshop which makes use of easy to use tools from easy to access resources which can easily be made available to learners!

Tools for a Smarter Trainer 
Presented by Louise Kennedy
(60 mins)
Louise will be presenting a variety of smart tools for smart trainers readily available for smart phones. She will introduce them and show you how to integrate them in your lessons.



"We don’t want to give too much away!" Wilton


About Wilton: Wilton Mills has been teaching English in Hamburg for the last 23 years. He currently teaches at Euro-FH, BiTs University and a variety of companies in and around Hamburg. He is also Team Leader for the Cambridge Examinations and responsible for the Cambridge Speaking Examiners in Hamburg. He has been teaching many groups for several years and this, as many trainers know, can be quite challenging.
He maintains that motivation is the key to success in the classroom and this is only achievable with variety. He also believes that a bad lesson is the prelude to a good one! Wilton has been using technology in his lessons for many years. He believes technology is useful tool for making language teaching/learning accessible.

About Louise: With stops in Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg, Louise has been teaching Business English, both in- company and at universities, since 2001. A part of her teaching focus is to match the relevant technology with my learners’ needs and their learning preferences. She also writes teaching materials and develops training programs.
The experience and knowledge she has gathered from many years of working with 1:1s and small groups led her to co-author the C1 publication “Up to Speed” (Cornelsen) with her friend Carole Eilertson.

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